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Including beer that tastes like raspberry jam (yum!).

Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week! Unusually warm weather and cozy, foggy mornings made it a great weekend full of relaxing vibes! I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead, hopefully you do too.

Here are some good finds that feed the body, mind and soul….

 1. This beer tastes like jam! 

Explore the alcohol section of Whole Foods and you may find Rekordorlig cider, a Swedish import in a can. It’s sparkly and refreshing, yet packed with strong, sweet berry flavors. Drink it as a treat or cheers in celebration!

2. A website full of plants!

Feeling foggy? Struggling with the winter blues? Houseplants may be the answer. Known for purifying the air and their mood-boosting affects in colder months, you may start to feel back to normal. Create your indoor oasis with plants from The Sill, or browse the site for an instant pick-me-up!

3. Free yoga!  

The yoga studio nearby offers 1 free class every week. Its unlikely Iowa is the only place that does this. Check a studio near you for similar opportunities!

4. A blog post about cozy living!

Including a hot chocolate recipe for these last weeks of winter. An expert in cozy living defines, Hygge, and what it means to live a cozy life. Feel inspired to sit in peace, alone or with friends, for hours!

5. Perfect popcorn for spring!

Have you tried the Parmesan Rosemary popcorn from Quinn?  It’s light, flavorful and a perfect appetizer for patio parties. I’ll be popping it all winter long to taste the flavors of spring!


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