Right before the new year, I found myself floating in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado staring up at the sky, trying to breathe big, deep breaths and relax. Think about floating, think about the water, think about…think think think think. Fed up and discouraged, I decided I think too much.

As a Colorado native who grew up with anything related to wellbeing and health closely tied with off-the-grid culture, it’s my personal default to think of wellness in specific terms. Meditate. Do more yoga. Give up material possessions. When in reality, wellness doesn’t have walls. What works for some, may not work for others. Just type the word into Google search, “well·ness ˈ/welnəs/ the state of being in good health.”

Sure, a big piece of wellness depends on physical health, but there’s a part that’s a bit abstract, subjective and personal. Could it be that buying designer clothes and admiring the details and fabric is a meditative experience similar to hiking in the woods? Honoring our self — mentally, physically, emotionally, and creatively can set us up for success and positive growth, whatever this may be. Which leads me to this:

I’m dedicating 2018 to exploring wellness.

Wellness has always been on my mind but prioritized last. I don’t think I’m the only one! Often overlooked, is the fact that wellness is bigger than eating right and exercising enough.  I’ll be expanding on this with posts about products, new things I try and discussions on certain topics. I’ll write about them here, on this blog. I would love to hear your thoughts!

While this blog is a behind-the-scenes look of my life, my hope is that it becomes more of a conversation. Do you have any favorite wellness topics? Products, brands? Habits, tips or stories about taking care? This blog is about exploring everything from crystal healing to walking downtown, designer bag in hand. Comment below or send me a note on my contact page.