My sister gave me a gratitude journal for Christmas, and this week I found the perfect way to up my gratitude journaling game!

In the past, I’ve listed off everything under the sun I’m grateful for before I go to bed, the little things AND the big things. Focusing on what’s working in life and being thankful for it, is a simple mindfulness practice that people have done for years. Oprah may have put the gratitude journal on the map in the 1990’s, but giving thanks is a practice that has lasted for centuries!

And this week, I decided to switch things up.

Recently, I’ve been looking at luxury items “just for fun” and then feeling frustrated that I can’t afford them. Does anyone else do this? This week, I looked at designer clothes, custom furniture and top-shelf wine — all of which were way out of my price range. So, I adjusted my grateful list.

I wrote down 5 simple luxuries that I am grateful for. Sure enough, this simple journal entry calmed my frustration and put my mind at ease.

5 Simple Luxuries

1.My walk to work takes 5 minutes. 

Lunchtime at home is always an option and I get to enjoy the sunrise on my way in. It takes less time to walk than it does to scrape the ice off my windshield and then drive down the street!

2. The best croissants in the city are only 1 block away. 

Nothing tastes more indulgent or satisfying than a flaky on the outside, doughy on the inside homemade croissant! If you’re ever in Des Moines, stop by St. Kilda for one of these delicious treats and an Australian coffee made with vanilla ice cream.

3. I have good friends that live close by. 

We can get together in a matter of minutes! Some of our best adventures have occurred spontaneously like biking to wineries, taking walks on the trails nearby, or grabbing drinks Downtown. Sometimes we don’t need plans, we just need convenience to get out the door.

4. There is a working treadmill in the building. 

Access to a workout room is a true luxury, especially during an Iowa winter when temperatures can hover around -20 for several days! Or an Iowa summer when the it’s hot, muggy and hard to breathe.

5. Visiting home means going to Colorado. 

Every time I travel back home and visit my parents it’s a true vacation. Seeing the mountains, going on hikes, touring breweries and hanging out with my family at our favorite coffee shops is something I will never tire of. Every trip back is a blessing!

Narrowing down what we want and acknowledging this with our gratitude is like getting more specific with a Google search. We find EXACTLY what we’re looking for. What are you grateful for today? Share below!

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